Education is to educate children



One’s intelligence in adulthood is not entirely dependent on the education provided and the experience lived as a child, but the parents are practicing how to educate children properly so that it could be smart enough to help the development of children.

Because after all, not everyone in this world is as fortunate as Einstein’s intelligence-which is more properly called genius-prominent in adult life childhood to adolescence while he considered to have a deficiency in the capacity to think.

The ability of an individual to be assessed smart when learning to understand what is learned and experienced, but it is able to solve problems using ratios and can apply what studied. The intelligence of a child can be said to develop when reasoning, emotion, and motor can function properly. To be able to reach and achieve all that, the food, the experience, and physical activity is an important factor. Healthy and nutritious food for infants who consumed since the pregnancy until the mother is given after the baby is born, it is definitely one important step in a way to educate children to be smart with fish and breast milk as the main menu.

Foods that must be avoided by the mother or the baby, especially, foods contain chemicals such as preservatives and colorings that exceed standards set rules.
Experience to learn and experience new things obviously be a factor to stimulate the brain and emotional development of children intelligence. In addition, invite children to perform physical activities such as exercising, playing, and so on, will develop motor skills as well as an efficient way to educate children to be intelligent.

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