Easy ways to wash baby clothes



Baby’s skin is more sensitive than adults. So , pay attention to clothes care , so that the baby’s skin is not irritated . Just so you know the tricks , this work is simple and easy .

Choose detergents , detergent Many great advertising that is able to eliminate all stains . Caution because of the possibility of chemicals used quite dangerous for the baby’s skin . Should note the following:

# Read the instructions carefully on the label . Choose a green logo on the packaging . Usually well informed containing surfactants and enzymes .
# Instead, choose a special detergent for baby clothes .
# If there was nothing special for the baby , select detergents that do not wear fragrance or dyes .
# Avoid using bleach .
Clean the stain . Before starting washing , sorted into clothes or diaper your baby .

Used diapers feces and vomit thrift baby :

* Remove dirt into the toilet .
* Clean the dirt with flowing water .
* If necessary , on the affected spots sprinkled with soap or detergent first , then or brushed , then rinse .
* If the stain remains , soak clothes or soiled diapers in detergent solution about 30 minutes .
* After that , diapers or baby clothes should be washed with other clothes .

Used diapers urine :

# Soak in a bucket of water .
# I checked briefly affected part of urine before soaped or put into a washing machine .

How to easily wash .

# Baby clothes or diapers that have been clean of stains can be washed with other baby clothes . If use traditional powder detergent , pour water in a bucket or washing machine first, then spiked with detergent . Thus , the detergent does not spread dust everywhere .
# Baby clothes should be washed 2-3 times , until it is completely clean . Remember , whatever gentle detergent you use , if not rinsed with clean can cause diaper rash .
# Want to smell fresh , Put 2 tablespoons of baking soda in the final rinse in the washing machine , or 1 teaspoon in the last rinse while washing the hands . The simplest way to make baby clothes softer and smelling fresh .
# Soothe baby , it is okay , but select that specifically for babies . Adult clothes softener feared making power of absorbing diapers reduced .
# After pressing, hanging dry with clothes , turning the inside of the shirt so that sunlight . Sunlight will help eliminate germs . Once dry , iron clothes so it is more comfortable to wear and neatly when stored .

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