Easy Tips to Improve Intelligence Baby

Tips Mudah Meningkatkan Kecerdasan Bayi

Newborns have 100 billion neurons in the brain and in his first year neurons will become active and connected to each other. So that the neurons can be activated and your baby grow up with a smart brain, Mother should continue to sharpen.

Here are some tips to hone the intelligence of the baby’s brain :

  • Make bedtime and eating fun
    If the baby keeps crying or fussy while eating or sleeping, then it can foster negative patterns in your baby’s brain development. Therefore, as much as possible make bedtime and eating to be a pleasant and free from contention. Mother could tell stories before sleep or play while eating.

  • Give a good response to the baby’s behavior
    The baby’s brain is still young and growing will learn to know the world better by studying the response you gave to their behavior. Therefore, give a consistent response, predictable, reassuring, and done in a way that is good and right. Wake bond between you and your baby while changing his diaper. Research shows that babies who are often touched by her parents has a size bigger brains than babies who seldom get a touch from their parents. Therefore, take advantage of the time to change the baby by touching your little baby’s body as he asked her to speak.
  • Build trust with your baby
    Babies who are emotionally close to their parents will spend more time to explore the world by continuing to learn new things for him. Well, it is very important for the mother to build trust with your baby by giving attention and focus of life is enough for your baby.
  • Massaging your baby’s body
    Gentle massage on the baby’s body can reduce stress levels while increasing emotional ability in infants. Feel free to massage his little legs when he would sleep or massaging the tired body in the bath. Even premature babies are massaged three times a day will soon be ready to leave the hospital.
  • Building a safe environment
    Mother, make sure the condition of your home safe for your baby to play in it. Draw the objects in the home friendly against the baby so that she feels safe to get around in it. Thus, your baby will learn to explore and get to know the environment in which he lives safely and comfortably.
  • Sing
    Sing children’s songs or lullabies to infants is very good for developing language skills. So, do not hesitate to sing to your baby.

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