Difficult Child Eating Tips

tips anak susah makan

Difficulty eating is certainly common in children, especially children who are toddlers. If this is the case, of course you as a mother will feel panic and was also felt very sad. Worrying always show up on every parent when he saw the little hard to eat. When children are poor feeding, the nutrients in the body certainly can not be fulfilled all and this can adversely affect growth and development.

In order for children back like eating, here are some smart tips that can Mother do :

  • Patience And Keep Trying
    Mother Be patient and keep trying and painstaking when feeding a child. Try not to despair make your child want to eat the food you provide. Give your child the support that he liked his food.
  • Create Atmosphere Fun
    When your baby eat, try to always create a pleasant atmosphere for him. Create an atmosphere of eating as a fun activity and happy for him. Try to always smile even though the child difficult to eat. If you scold a child when she was hard to eat, it can make it more hated by eating activities.

  • Food
    Make sure the child gives preferred food and nutritional fulfilled every day. Avoid giving the same food every day to the child, it can make tired and hard to eat. Make sure you give him food tastes good. Vary the food you give to the children. Always make sure the nutrients contained in each food you give to your child.
  • Cleanliness
    Food hygiene or eating places are also very influential on a child’s appetite. Ensure that food and eating place for a child is always clean. Besides effect on appetite, cleanliness will also ensure the health of children.

That’s the easy and intelligent way so that the child is no longer difficult to eat. There is no harm in your taking children to the streets in order to eat more pleasant gardens. Prepare food that formed a unique and interesting, allegedly also able to help the baby more easily and likes to eat.

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