Development of children aged 0-3 years



Children are the hope , not just hope mom dad and family but also the hope of the nation state and even the world . Child is in power at the moment we age . Children are the world Free player when we already old . Very reasonable and not excessive if the education of children should be kept. The provision of education can not be separated from the process of development of the child . Where the provision of education must be tailored to the child’s development .

Many argue that the golden age of the child has a brain . At which time the science that can be taught quickly and completely absorbed by the brain directly applied . The golden age of the brain is exactly that sometimes go unnoticed by parents who in fact act as educators earliest and closest to the child .

Therefore here I will describe a little about the golden age of the brain that occurs at age 0-3 years . The golden age of brain development occurs when children aged 0-3 years . At this time, the brain’s ability to absorb new things faster than after the age of 3 years . We can see from the development that occurs very rapidly at the age of 0-3 years .

We start from the motor movement . At the beginning of babies born very limited in doing many activity motor . Even just for the blink eye reflex  . Which can be done only occasionally moving his head , kicking and moving his hands . Limitations that are motor activities lasted for 3 months . After 3 months the baby starts to inspire many of the members of his body . Start of leaned up on his stomach . Usually the baby also started lifting his leg to the front . At this stage the baby can perform fairly complex motor activities .

After stepping usually 7 months babies begin to crawl . It can certainly be controlled if the baby has been able to stomach in the long term and to lift their heads when the prone position . After passing through the stages of crawling baby will quickly learn to stand on its own by way of holding on to the wall or to be trained by the parents . After the well was capable of standing on its own then the baby learning to walk . So quickly the motor development of children aged 0-3 years so it is usually at the age of 3 years the child is able to play and running around with her ??friends .

In addition to motor development , the child also has developed his senses fifth . Starting from newborns and have not been able to use his senses well until the age of 3 months . After the five senses switched on automatically as children and getting to know each sensation in her senses . Starting from the data collected on each sensation senses and keep it as a memory . So the next time to meet again with the same sensation , the child will be able to choose whether rejected or continued .

Hopefully, this information may be useful for you .

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