Currently Kids Soothing way in Aircraft

tips bepergian dgn si kecil naik pesawat

If you are traveling with the whole family, would you ask your child from small to large, for a small child on a plane can be stressful. Especially if your children are toddlers or still in school.

Usually various gadget of choice for your child to remain calm during the trip. Though there are other ways besides giving full games gadget to your child.
A child psychology, gives some tips take the child in air travel stress free.

Following these tips:

1. Beverages
Let your child hold the drink itself, so that at any moment he could drink, especially during takeoff and landing. So that the child does not so feel the changes in air pressure. Moreover, air pressure over effects in children than adults.

2. New toys
Do not just bring old toys. Good buy new toys. Make sure the new toy is completely new playable or opened from the package shortly after the plane was in the air. The new toy is entertaining the little longer.
Remove regularly. Air travel even one hour feels long for the little guy. Remove toys that vary periodically. Do not remove all at once at the same time.
Another idea is to wrap each toy and give him one by one as a gift. The interval time can be started from every half hour depending on the conditions and duration of the trip.

3. Activity toys
Should bring more toys that require disassembly activities such as games Lego and so forth. Toys that are more busily engaged is better than static toys such as dolls.

4. Various game
Think of the variety of games that can be done during the trip. For example, finger puppets and card activity. Toys such as this requires the interaction between children and parents.

5. The game was physical
Use your imagination. Not always you need to bring a toy in physical form. There are many games that you can do with your child. For example guessing objects around the child.

6. Bring pajamas
If you are on a night flight, take your baby pajamas usual wear. This is so the child knows it is time to sleep and did not spoil the sleep patterns.

Thus information about How To Soothe The Child At Aircraft, hopefully this information useful to you. Thank you.

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