Creative Ways to Invite Children to Learn

If you have read the previous article on how to cope with a difficult child in learning, then this article is a continuation of the article, which in this article will be discussed continuation of some ways in overcoming a difficult child in home study.

Here are some ways to deal with a difficult child to learn:

1. Parents should understand the concept of learning

The concept of learning should be understood and understood by parents. Because the concept of parent will be different from the concept of the child. If parents must haveUnderstood very well about the benefits of learning, if the child will certainly be different.Children who have been in school all day will be bored with the Lessons that have been given by the teacher. So the best thing to do is to provide a differentAtmosphere so that children are not saturated. Look for and give new things to the child so that children keep the spirit willing to learn.

2.Parents adjust the child’s learning style

Each child has differentCharacters and traits. Some are happy with learning method A and there are also children who are happy with learning style B.Then our children like the style of learning what model?There are at least 3 child learning styles.What are the learningStyles of children? Here’s a child’s learning style based on the nature and character

a.Visual learning style

There are some ank who like learningStyle with visual method that is learning style with pleasure reading rather than learning by interactive method or question andAnswer.The child will be easier to absorb and remember the lesson with the style of reading. If given anotherMethod the child will quickly feel bored.

b.Auditory learning style

Auditory learning style is the learning style of children with interactive methods of question and answer and discussion. There are someChildren who like the auditory method. More interesting and not boring because there is two-wayCommunication so the child will not saturate. If your child likes this method then we can teach the child to learn by givingThousands of questions to the child. Many books contain a collection of questions, and this method can we practice to the child.

c.Kinesthetic learning style

KinestheticChildren will quickly feel bored when learning by just staying in the room. Children need a free and fun atmosphere. For children who are kinesthetic typesParents can provide a fun atmosphere, can be with learning while recreation.

Parents should first understand the child’s condition. After that the parent can provide an approach to the child to want to learn and keep the spirit.

3.Give appreciation to the child’s achievement

One way to keep children to keep the spirit of learning then the parents should give a gift or praise when the child excel becauseDiligent study. In a simple way this is a form of affection and caring for the child, so that the child will feel cared for.

Those are some short tips and ways to encourage your child to learn. Learning and repeating lessons at school will greatly help the child’s achievement in school. We as a parent must also be able to provide an example in thePresence of children. Can by conditioning theAtmosphere for children to keep the spirit of learning. For example, when learningHours, all entertainment facilities are turned off first. Instead of children learning, her parents are actually tasty watching television.Hopefully these simple tips and ways can help to keep the child spirit and happy to learn. If there are any shortcomings in this article please forgive, maybe you can improve it. thanks.

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