Creative Ways to Invite Children Home Study

Is your child hard to be told to study? What about the cause until the child does not want to learn? Children get bored when in the study room? Is it because parents who do not want to accompany or because parents themselves do not want to learn? Is there an effective way to learn for children?

Inviting children to always study routine is not an easy job. Usually children will find a lot of excuses for not asked to learn. Say tired, sleepy, bored and various other reasons given for the child free from the burden of learning. It must be known that the world of children is so. Want to play and spend time with fun. So to face it there is the term schoolPlaying while learning. The child is still playing but unconsciously he is actuallyLearning.

Children do not want to learn usually because the method used still uses the method of governing, as if parents have full rights over children and parents are authoritarian and parents who understand best. Though the concept of coercion of parents will not necessarily in line with the will of the child so that what happens is the rebellion and rejection made by the child. How not to rebel, the child at school was already usingLearning styles,writing reading and listeningMaterial from the teacher. After a day filled with learning in school then what happens is arising sense of saturation.This sense of saturation will increasingly become because at home told to be so again (learn) the same parents, of course the child will be bored so that the child needed is a refresher for his brain.

For example there are some children who have very low learning power. Parents have been trying to get him to learn but still unsuccessful. The thing that should be done is to give a first approach to the child. Apparently after being approached the child has tremendous potential.For example, it turns out the boy memorized with all players one of the famous clubs in Europe. But it happens that the child likes sports. The child is memorized by the name of the mainPlayer and the backup and the number of his back. Even the child also knows who the name of the coach and the name of his assistant coach.After further thought it turns out that this boy does have a remarkableTalent. If the matter of the players just memorized course of the lesson must also be memorized, live the approach that is used so that the child liked the lesson. Usually because parents are wrong in giving direction to the child so that learning for children is something boring.

Then how is the way that children want the spirit of learning?Here are tips and simple ways for children to learn

1. Parents should understand the concept of learning

The concept of learning should be understood and understood by parents. Because the concept of parent will be different from the concept of the child. If parents must have understood very well about the benefits of learning, if the child will certainly be different.Children who have been in school all day will be bored with the lessons that have been given by theTeacher. So the best thing to do is to provide a differentAtmosphere so that children are not saturated. Look for and give new things to the child so that children keep the spirit willing to learn.

2. Parents adjust the child’s learning style

Each child has different characters and traits.Some are happy with learning method A and there are also children who are happy with learning style B. Then our children like the style of learning what model? There are at least 3 child learningStyles. What are the learning styles of children? Here’s a child’s learning style based on the nature and character.

That’s some of the causes of the child is difficult to get in learning and some solutions to overcome them. There is still another solution to overcome the difficult child in learning that I will discuss in the next article. Hopefully this article provides useful information for you as a parent.

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