Creative Kids Taught by Game

Ajari Anak Kreatif dengan Permainan

Have you ever watched your child more interested in wrapping the toy you gave him rather than the toy itself? toy itself shows that children are more interested in the simple things that are around them.

Psychologists say that the main principle in giving the child the toy is KIVS or keep it very simple. This means you do not need to provide toys that are too complicated for children when he was just learning new things around him.
Toys that are too complex will cause over-stimulation in children and make them even away from the toy.

So, if you want to give toys to the child who is still learning new things around him, give toys that could provoke creativity of their brains are still in progress absorb new things around him.

Here are the 3 best types of toys that can lure children to be more creative:

  • Blocks
    Encourage your child to play by arranging objects such as blocks or plastic cups. Playing arrange this thing will be great fun for children as they learn to make something to take into account the pressure that stacking blocks that they do not collapse. To create variations in blocks game, you can give various kinds of color blocks and ask your child to arrange the blocks by color.
  • Lego
    If you are concerned lego pieces to be swallowed by a child, you can use this type of large-sized lego and accompany them to play. While playing lego, children learn to build something specific based forms and patterns. In addition to fun, lego will also make a child’s brain is more creative.
  • Puzzles
    Puzzle is a game that is not only great for teaching children creative coordinate hands and eyes when integrating pieces of the picture, but also to build self-esteem in him. Therefore, the child will feel satisfaction when they successfully bring together all the pieces of images into one complete picture. Give your child a puzzle with simple images that are not too complicated to provoke interest and curiosity. As we get older child, you can increase the complexity of the picture puzzle.

That’s some kind of toy that can be Mother use to make your child become more creative. Hope can inspire!

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