Content of salt in sweet biscuits can affect children’s health



Kids love the sweet biscuit was hard to stop . Even the little guy willing hunger strike for the sake of this favorite food . But who would have thought , the sweetness behind these biscuits contain a lot of salt .

Behind it tastes good and crunchy texture soft , sweet biscuits , chocolate covered bad for health could be at risk . Because the salt content in biscuits so much more than salty popcorn and chicken nuggets .

Bad for the health risks will arise . Such as blood pressure rapidly increased to pose a risk of stroke as adults . Even the number of deaths from stroke can occur and grow every year .

As reported by the Daily Mail , Consensus Action of Salt and Health ( CASH ) found , many children who unwittingly gets salt intake from processed foods , such as biscuits . They have examined 110 popular biscuit in the UK , both sweet biscuits or biscuit that tasted salty .

As a result, some leading biscuit brands sold in supermarkets contain high levels of salt . There are a number reached 0.4 grams of salt per 25 gram or per pack . Highest salt content is actually present in milk chocolate-covered biscuit .

If children eat 46 packs of biscuits annually , they would risk high blood pressure in adulthood . To prevent this , some health groups warned the food manufacturers to reduce the salt content in its products for the sake of public health .

” Salt is also hidden in sweet foods , however parents should pay attention to their salt intake , in order to avoid the risk of developing high blood pressure as adults who became one of the biggest causes of death in the UK . ” Said Professor Graham MacGregor , chairman of CASH as well as Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Queen Mary , University of London .

He also appealed to the biscuit manufacturers to reduce the size of biscuits and no added salt on the biscuit products . Sometimes food companies also add sodium bicarbonate can also increase your intake of salt .

By CASH , both of taste need not be used . Even without these two ingredients are flavorings , food companies can still produce delicious biscuit that favored children .

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