Consumption of chicken broth, bones and meat to Improve Children’s Immune System



Chicken broth, bone, and the meat is very good for improving the health of the child’s body in addition to vegetables and fruits. Broth boiled with meat plus bone contains minerals and nutrients that are very good at keeping the baby’s health. Can be consumed directly or processed as soup.

What benefits are gained from eating food supplemented with chicken broth, bone, and flesh:

1. Increase appetite
Chicken broth, meat, boiled vegetables to claw long with additional various spices can produce good results. This can increase the appetite of the child.

2. Increase fluid intake
The broth is often used in soups. Fry dish with extra pieces of animal and vegetable dishes are excellent for maintaining the health of your baby. A bowl of soup can also increase fluid intake poppet if consumed every day.

3. mineral intake
The broth is made from the bones very easily absorbed by the body. The minerals contained in the bone such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and some other minerals will be mixed together in a broth made. Combine broth to the soup or other food to supplement calcium intake of children.

4. Increase the immune
The broth is made from pieces of chicken and red meat can produce fats and proteins. It can help boost immunity little guy.

Hopefully, this information may be useful for you and your family.

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