Choosing Clothing for children according to Activity

Kids Pajamas

Kids Pajamas

The number of brands , models and colors of kids clothes is a challenge to select it . Grouping kids clothes are differentiated by sex boys clothes and girls clothes .

Boys clothes generally only trousers , shorts , shirts and t-shirts . Whereas girls are more diverse clothes either mode or s type , for example for the no shirt dress vest , blouse and others. To subordinate there is also a long skirt mini skirt . In addition to trousers and shorts , there is also the leggings tights for girls .
Generally choosing kids clothes distinguished by their daily activities , such as the following :

Playing dress
To play , children need the kind of clothes that can support the child freedom to move . That’s why play clothes for children are usually made ??of cotton and jeans . Play clothes should not be white or light-colored to avoid stains . To subordinate could use a dominant dark color . Remember , children are always rubbing his pants when exposed to dirt . Important in the minds of children playing , no matter clothes dirty or not .

Clothes School Uniforms

School uniforms are generally made of jersey material and cotton . Regarding the model is usually determined by the school . In addition to neatness , comfort is another factor that must be considered . Examples ornament vest and tie should be easy to wear way . Additionally give special meaning to the child that the school uniform is only to be used at school . Instill discipline in children to change clothes to play dress uniform . Teach your child to get used to it so it will be self-supporting .

Similarly, school uniforms , sleepwear should be made ??of cotton and jersey but thinner . Nice nightgown feels loose when used by children . Additionally nightgowns should be able to give a cool effect , but did not make the child feel cold . Giving nightgowns could serve practicing self-discipline so that children can tell which clothes to sleep and where the clothes for other activities .
Special clothes
Called a special outfit for use only at certain times . For example, dress , swimwear , tracksuits and others. Children may feel less comfortable with these kinds of clothes . To anticipate the child’s discomfort when wearing the kind of clothes try to bring a change of clothes . This is to avoid the possibility of clothes damaged by the movement of children who are not comfortable with the clothes .

Choosing clothes is the most important child in accordance with the character of the child . Instead of make or model . Kids clothes is not a miniature adult clothes , so once in a while try to provide flexibility to the child to choose his favorite shirt .

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