Child’s Opinions about parents and gadgets

mom and gadget

mom and gadget

The theory is always easier than practice, so it goes to the parents and their mobile phones. The parents understand they need to escape for a moment from the cell phone and focus on the kids while spending time together. In fact realize what it is not always done, that the views of children about their parents.

Children’s views is evident from the results of the research, entitled ‘State of the Kid “performed by the Children Highlights fo. As quoted from the Highlights, an annual study that involved 1,521 respondents boys and girls aged 6 to 12 years.

From the research revealed 62% of children of mothers and fathers feel distracted or focused on other things when they are trying to talk or chat. What sort of things that make a parent’s attention is diverted?
Here’s the list:

1. mobile phone or gadget,
2. The presence of a sibling,
3. work,
4. Television,
5. Talk with others,
6. computer or laptop,
7. cooking, and
8. homework.

Children who were respondents in this study were then asked, when they want to talk about the importance to the father or mother, when it is they think is best? The answer is when the dinner. There are 33% of respondents who mentioned at dinner as the best time.

“I know they will be listened to when they stop doing other things and watching me,” said a seven-year-old respondents.

In addition to dinner, the kids also think, any other time their parents would break away from the phones is during sleep and when driving a car. Only 7% of children say their parents are free of gadgets whenever time.

The respondents who were in elementary school were also asked what they think will happen when a father or a mother losing her cell phone. Want to know what the answer to the little children?

“My father can go crazy,” said the six-year-old female respondent. “They will look for it and asked me to help. If they could not find it after a long time, they will buy a new one,” said the boy respondents aged 10 years. And there are respondents who answered, parents become more attentive to her when their phone is lost.

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