Children’s Health Ear

clean the child's ear

clean the child’s ear

Children’s ear health is one important thing that should be considered by parents. Because if health is not considered the child’s ear will cause a blockage of the ear itself by a pile of dirt that will interfere with the hearing itself.

However, that should be the next concern is how to clean the ear itself. Do not let the intention to clean the child’s ear, but when done the right thing even less will only make the child has ear infection or injury.

To that end, parents must understand how to maintain the health of the child’s ears, one of which is to clean the ears. How to clean the ears should be done with so fine and soft so as not to injure the ear which is actually a part of a very vulnerable or sensitive.

Ear cleaning with a child can use a special cotton buds to clean the ears or that is very smooth. If it is found that the dry dirt, it can be used a kind of oil such as baby oil or coconut oil. However, lubrication is given at the end of the cotton buds instead of ‘poured’ into the child’s ear hole. Because it will only clog the ear itself.

In cleaning pursued with very subtle. And the most important thing is not to cutton buds inserted too deeply into the ear canal. Cotton buds enough to rub very gently into the ear lobe and the outer part of the ear canal.

For dirt inside the ear canal, the parents do not have to worry about it. Because the wax will come out by itself. This dirt will be helped to swell out when the child is chewing food. By the time the child chew food then will unconsciously move their jaws.

And then when the jaw is moved it will push the front of the ear and to the dirt that is in the flow out with his own ears. This is a natural act that God exists and has been designed to clean the ear by itself.

So it was arranged for not cleaning the ears down to the deep hole. Indeed if this is done then it will just push the dirt to go deeper into the ear canal itself.

Also do not clean the ears with a very strong effort from parents, although mistaken only when cleaning the exterior or the lobe of the ear. Due to the harsh scratches only be able to hurt the child’s ear.

Cleaning up this mess is to be done very carefully and regularly. If not then the dirt will harden and be difficult to remove. In these circumstances the dirt that can only be stuffed to be issued by the ENT specialist.

Therefore, pay attention to the child’s ear health is important and must be done carefully and thoroughly.

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