Child Discipline Tips

Tips Kedisiplinan Anak

One of the challenges of raising a child is applying the discipline educate pattern. Often, the pattern of discipline on the basis of standard rules and consequences. Rules and habits firmly on something it is another name of discipline. However, routine habits and apply the attitude of ‘A’ in the case of ‘A’, the attitude of ‘B’ in case ‘B’ is not intended to make the child like a robot.

Important aspect of discipline is consistency. However, occasionally giving leeway in certain situations where the child can not do what they normally have to do, is perfectly natural. But, remember, do not easily ingested child seduction yes. Give firmness and be consistent about the attitudes and habits of the child should do.

The consistent attitude starts from the example given by the parents themselves. Do not let what he saw children of today and tomorrow is different because parents just do it according to your mood or mood alone. Consistency can work well when based on the awareness and sense of responsibility.

Consistency in discipline behavior it will direct the child to do what it should or can it do and what should not or can not do. However, in the formation of the attitude of this consistency, an important aspect that should be instilled in advance is a sense of awareness. By having an awareness of causation of behavior that is done, your child will be responsible for what he did.

Then, offer confidence to children. Discipline does not mean dictating and commanding. After giving understanding and explanation to the child. Mother next task is to oversee, provide confidence, while occasionally reminding the child if necessary. A sense of trust given by parents to children can increase the child’s self-control behavior that can or can not do.

Conversely, children who are not accustomed to be given credence, when the parents are negligent, will tend to seek out the attention of others. They tend to be disruptive, deliberately break the rules, make a fuss, and do no good behaviors other. They may feel that there will always be parents who will remind them when they are not doing something that should have been. They tend to be less self-contained, lack of awareness, was not given the confidence, too relied, and finally do not have self-control.

Thus, implementing a discipline to the children is not solely Mother and parents, yes. Good cooperation, effective communication, awareness and responsibility for consistency are factors grower discipline of self-control that behavior can be created.

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