Cause of Anemia in children



Anemia symptoms can be experienced by anyone, both adults and children . Anemia has an adverse impact because it can reduce productivity . Even in children , anemia can interfere with the growth process .

Anemia is generally a condition when the body lacks iron and therefore contributes to the function of hemoglobin ( Hb ) bind and carry oxygen throughout the body . So a person who has anemia is usually more tired , lethargic , and not passionate .

Professor Dr. Djajadiman Billy , SpA , of the task force of iron deficiency anemia Indonesian Pediatric Association ( IDAI ) said , anemia can be caused by many things . ” In fact there are certain circumstances , such as other illnesses , which cause the body may develop anemia , ” he said in a media seminar last week in Jakarta .

These circumstances , he explained, among others, bleeding from a wound that causes the loss of red blood cells so that there was anemia . Djajadiman explained , not only out of the bleeding wound that looked like wounds, but also injuries such as bleeding in the intestines or other organs.

” Injury to the bowel is often not realized , but it also plays a role in the occurrence of anemia . Problem , injury to the intestine sometimes not cause the red color in the stool , but the actual blood cells are gone , ” said Consultant of the Division of Hematology Oncology Hematology Oncology Department of Pediatrics Faculty of medicine – RSCM this .

In addition , anemia in children is also caused by the lack of consumption of red blood cell -forming materials such as iron , folic acid , and vitamin B12 . Therefore , Djajadiman suggested that children always get good nutrition to meet the needs of the iron . ” If necessary , you can add iron supplementation , ” he said .

Anemia can also be caused by failure of the bone marrow to produce red blood cells . Red blood cell production is lacking, said Djajadiman , usually triggered by certain diseases that need to be investigated further .

Djajadiman said , anemia has a serious impact on the child . Especially in children under the age of two years , at a time when brain growth reached its golden period , iron deficiency can result in suboptimal brain function and mental .

In the meantime , though still harmful , anemia in children over two years of age would be tolerable . The key , said Djajadiman , namely anemia remedy the situation as soon as possible .

” If the anemia is left too long , both in children over two years of age or an adult though , it will be bad for health , ” he concluded .

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