Finger Food selection for Healthy Kids

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Most children prefer finger food as their snack. Finger food or the size of a finger food that can be held this child could be children’s favorite foods.

But what is healthy finger food and also will be favored son?

  • Boil the sweet potato
    Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins A and C could be a finger food that is tasty and healthy for children. You can boil or steam the sweet potato is first, cut the size of a finger and then give it to your child. You can also add butter if desired.
  • Boiled Eggs
    Eggs are rich in protein, iron, choline, B12, riboflavin, and other nutrients that are good for children. You can boil an egg and immediately give it to your child so that growth can be run properly.

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Overcoming Seizures Fever In Children

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By the time a child is sick, anxious thoughts become things that will be experienced by parents. Moreover, if the child’s temperature rises and fever, especially if accompanied by fever with seizure. Febrile seizures are common in some children. Approximately 5% of children from age 6 months to 6 years of experience this, especially if the parents have a history of febrile convulsions as a child alike. Children who experience seizures would make parents panic. What to do if a child has a fever seizure?

Febrile seizures are convulsions which occurs when an infant or child has a fever that is not resulting from infection of the central nervous system. Seizures in children requires attention because seizures can occur repeatedly and dangerous. If the child is too often experience a febrile seizure, it can damage brain cells in children.

Type Seizures Fever

Based on the long and how often the seizures, seizures can be divided into:

  • Fever Seizures Simple
    namely seizures that occur on the entire body with a long time of the seizure less than 10 minutes and does not occur again within 24 hours.
  • Fever Seizures Complex
    Namely local seizures (does not occur in the whole body) which is common in the arms and legs area. Complex seizure lasts for more than 10 minutes and occurred more than one time within a period of 24 hours.

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