AlphabetAcres.com for One-Stop Kids Entertainment

Internet isn’t only for adults. By visiting the right site, kids can also enjoy their time playing around or even learning something via online. For you to know, there are thousands of websites out there specializing in providing various materials dedicated for kids to have fun and enjoy their free time online. Those sites like Alphabet Acres will always be there to make sure kids will be able to enjoy the greatest benefits from internet technology. AlphabetAcres.com provides hundreds of coloring pages and other activities for kids to enjoy. And the best thing is, it’s all free!

AlphabetAcres.com invites anyone from wherever you are to come and get various exciting materials for kids to have fun. No membership and payment will be required for anyone to get them. These free contents are there for anyone to grab and enjoy freely. It will be just as simple as “come and get” rules. And at the same time, AlphabetAcres.com also offers a premium membership for anyone whom wanted to get full access to greater content the site has. For only $20 per year, members will be granted access to thousands of kid-friendly videos, music, songs, and even tons of eBook collections suitable for kids.

We all know how internet can be a risky place for kids to play around, especially with the increased number of cases where bad people are looking for their preys online. And it’s the parents’ responsibility to keep our kids safe online. For that cause, AlphabetAcres.com is there to offer one-stop entertainment for kids to visit safely. Everything offered by AlphabetAcres.com is selected carefully to contain two main factors: educative and entertaining. Therefore, kids will definitely enjoy every session they have visiting AlphabetAcres.com. Want to keep your kids busy and well entertained while you’re working on your daily chores? Just direct them to AlphabetAcres.com and problem solved


Rainy Day Indoor Playground for Excitements In Your Home

Rainy Day™ Indoor Playground is there to bring the excitements and joy into your house with its amazing recreational equipment and gear. Through the Rainy Day Indoor Playground set, Playaway Toy Company offers ultimate solutions for family recreation indoor. The most essential part of the set is the support bar, which is designed to be used indoor and can be easily expanded and attached to any doorway in the house. Unlike most other support bar out there, the one created by Playaway Toy Company is proven to be offering incomparable strength and durability, which makes it a great investment in the future.

Aside of that, Rainy Day™ Indoor Playground is also often being used for therapy purposes. There are many reasons why therapists consider choosing Rainy Day™ Therapist Kit for their medical or therapeutic treatment approach, mainly is because the system is specifically designed to be safe and durable, while at the same time also offer wide-array options of equipment and sets to accommodate all their needs. Everyone is always expecting everything to be safe for their clients, patients, and children, which is why most parents and therapists consider selecting Rainy Day™ sets to suit their needs.

When you entered their official website at PlayawayToy.com, you’ll be able to browse their extensive options of products to choose, ranging on the recreational kits to the ones specifically designed for treatment or therapeutic purposes. You can find indoor swing set, hammock, toddler swing, cradle, climbing ladder, and more. All these things are for indoor use and designed to be easy to mount and relocate. You don’t have to be a wide backyard to be able to provide the kids with all these things, everything is available indoor today and the best thing is that it won’t take much space at home. As long as there are doors in your home then Rainy Day™ Indoor Playground is suitable to you.


Staying Healthy children in Rainy Season

kesehatan anak saat hujan

The bacteria will thrive and often very easy to damage the immune system on the body especially on your child in the rainy season. Various kinds of virus will be very easy to immobilize antibodies the body’s defenses not only in adults but also in children, especially infants. Subscription disease that often greets the rainy season is colds, flu and coughs. Given the spread of the influenza virus is so easy, the parents would have to be very clever to maintain her health and her baby instead.

Then how to stay healthy babies in the rainy season? As follows you need to know to maintain the health of your baby in the rainy season :

  • Body hygiene
    Cleanliness is the key things you need to consider as a parent in order to keep yourself and your baby to be healthy and immune to the virus. Make sure your child a bath at least once a day. After the bath, immediately wipe your child’s body with a dry towel to dry water attached to his body.
  • Food and Drink
    Limit foods and beverages provide your child with food purchased from outside. Be sure not to buy street food for your or your child in the rainy season. Not infrequently the street food in the rainy season is more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria that can invade the body.

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Difficult Child Eating Tips

tips anak susah makan

Difficulty eating is certainly common in children, especially children who are toddlers. If this is the case, of course you as a mother will feel panic and was also felt very sad. Worrying always show up on every parent when he saw the little hard to eat. When children are poor feeding, the nutrients in the body certainly can not be fulfilled all and this can adversely affect growth and development.

In order for children back like eating, here are some smart tips that can Mother do :

  • Patience And Keep Trying
    Mother Be patient and keep trying and painstaking when feeding a child. Try not to despair make your child want to eat the food you provide. Give your child the support that he liked his food.
  • Create Atmosphere Fun
    When your baby eat, try to always create a pleasant atmosphere for him. Create an atmosphere of eating as a fun activity and happy for him. Try to always smile even though the child difficult to eat. If you scold a child when she was hard to eat, it can make it more hated by eating activities.

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How to Educate Children Self

anak mandiri

Every parent would want their children to someday be useful and have a good future. Good future will be achieved if children are given learning manners and proper independence. Children are a gift that very extraordinary that must be maintained and cared for. The old man has become the primary caretaker for children – son. When the children have started a toddler, then that child will try to find out about the various things that are nearby.

At this time, the right time for the parents begin to teach about self-reliance and attitude – a good attitude to his son. Parents will be very happy if you see his show attitude of independence early on. Although independent, yet warm relationship shall be maintained between parents and children. There are many ways to educate children self that you can apply to make your child more independent.

Teaches a sense of independence for children by requiring the way – a special way. To teach independence, no need to tell about what it means to independent or the like. Enough with the effort – specific efforts that can make children feel able to conduct their own activities could be the right way. Let the children choose things – things that she likes is one way to instill independence. Parents just need to give a choice – a choice that may be preferred by children and let the children choose which one he wanted. This treatment will make the children are able to make their own decisions in accordance with the wishes and needs. Children in the age of the children already have a keen sense of activism and give the best results of operations for the parents. When children give or do a good deed, you as parents have to respect his efforts, although that has not worked perfectly. Children also can be left to resolve their own problems with any way they know.

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6 Signs Childhood Addictions Gadgets

ipad ank2

Children today are already familiar with the gadget. The game is in the gadget makes it can last longer when holding it. Some parents even deliberately give the gadget to the child. However, be wary if your child is addicted to gadgets.
If a child has gadgets and spent too long with the gadget, it means that he has an addiction.

Some signs of child addicted gadget:
1. Bring Gadgets to the bathroom
You know that your children become addicted when he saw he was carrying a gadget to the bathroom. Your child does not want to put it though for personal affairs. It has become a sign of the parents must act seriously in order to get rid of her gadgets.

2. Conversations one word
When parents try to talk or tell something to his son, the answer appears only one word that “ tidak` ya` or, at worst if the child replied with a growl.
If the conditions are like this, you have to worry. Currently, parents see their children just stared at the screen gadget and not look to your face when talking with you.

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Some Things You Need to Look for in a child Emotional Development

kids emosi anak

Emotional development in children also is still closely related to what we have to learn about the development of children aged 2-6 years overall and emotional development in children is also one of the important points that we need to pay close attention. This is because a lot of people, especially the elderly, usually only paid great attention to what is apparent in the physical development of the child that the child because the child’s physical development can be measured and monitored directly without having to search deeper in the child’s self.

Here are some things you need to consider carefully if you want to really learn about the emotional development in children because of course this will be very much harder than when you observe the physical development of children who clearly visible. Emotional development of children themselves are very closely tied to the development of other important aspects such as motor development and cognitive development of children.

There are several things including the emotional aspects of brain development. The best stimulation for the development of this aspect is the interaction between the mother and the little one. Interaction can be equipped with several games that optimize the development of children, such as eye contact and smile.

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Negative Effects Too often snapped Children


Every parent almost certainly never upset at her son and takes it with a growl. But apparently this has a negative impact on your child.

According to the study, three out of four parents never yell or shout at their children at least once a month. Child snapped an option because they think it is still far better than physical punishment. Currently therapists and experts were trying to examine the psychological impact on children, as well as preventing the parents do not do it repeatedly. Moreover, until the child becomes psychologically shaken.

Raise the sound is not always bad. However, it is becoming worse when done to attack, belittle, or blame the child. Adele Faber, a co-author of the book How to Be the Parent You Always Wanted to Be exemplifies sentences should not be pronounced like, “It’s all your fault!” And other words that can weaken a child’s mental.

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How Common Core Has Changed Education In Oklahoma

Most people are becoming more aware of common core in our education system. It is designed to be a comprehensive curriculum that helps kids learn in a more step by step way that is more uniform across the entire nation. The purpose is to attempt to reverse the trend of poor academic skills specifically poor math and reading skills. In Oklahoma, common core has changed the education system and been rather controversial as well.

Oklahoma did adopt the common core standard and is currently using it. There are some teachers and many lawmakers who did not like this new curriculum and some of the technology required to implement in, including classroom headphones. Some felt it was an overreach from the federal government and some felt that it did not meet up to previous Oklahoma criteria. Because of this, Oklahoma is dropping common core by the 2016 school year. In the mean time many parts of education has been impacted.

First of all, lawmakers are going to take elements of common core as well as other types of curriculum to make a comprehensive Oklahoma based system. This would not have happened without common core becoming a national standard. In a way, the argument can be made that common core caused this to happen. If the new system is even better than common core, students are getting something good from this entire process.

There are some who are not happy about Oklahoma having their own standard. They feel that Oklahoma is going it alone as opposed to trying to do what much of the rest of the nation is doing. The concern is college acceptance. If everyone else is learning a certain way and Oklahoma is different, could this impact Oklahoma students success at the university level? Only time will tell.

A second major change in education in Oklahoma is the loss of certain types of federal funding. Accepting common core is attached to certain types of federal funding for each state. When a state votes to reject this standard, there is money that is also rejected. This means that Oklahoma schools aren’t getting all the money they could. Because there are school districts in Oklahoma that are severely underfunded compared to the rest of the nation, some are critical of not accepting the standard and losing the money.

This is still a very controversial subject in Oklahoma because of these reasons. Will the state’s do-it-alone attitude be best for students in the long run? Will the loss of certain types of education funding be best for kids? No one knows the answers to all these questions yet. Time only will tell in states that have adopted common core versus the ones that have rejected it.


Child’s Opinions about parents and gadgets

mom and gadget

mom and gadget

The theory is always easier than practice, so it goes to the parents and their mobile phones. The parents understand they need to escape for a moment from the cell phone and focus on the kids while spending time together. In fact realize what it is not always done, that the views of children about their parents.

Children’s views is evident from the results of the research, entitled ‘State of the Kid “performed by the Children Highlights fo. As quoted from the Highlights, an annual study that involved 1,521 respondents boys and girls aged 6 to 12 years.

From the research revealed 62% of children of mothers and fathers feel distracted or focused on other things when they are trying to talk or chat. What sort of things that make a parent’s attention is diverted?
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