Encourage Children to Make Gardens Mini at Home

Ajak Anak Bikin Kebun Mini di Rumah

Creativity is one that should be developed early on. The most powerful way to develop children’s creativity course by making it do things that require creativity, or take him engaging in certain activities.

For example gardening. Encourage the child to engage in a project of making a mini garden, and let them be creative in accordance with their imagination. All you need is a simple equipment, as well as creativity. Educate children, as well as gardening, going to make it to practice patience. Plant crops, can make them learn to appreciate and understand the importance of the process.

These ingredients you need :

  • Large plant pots
  • Ground
  • Plants or flowers (use two kinds or more)
  • Rock
  • Small bird house
  • Farming equipment

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Outings with the children


Outings to places of entertainment that serves a wide variety of games is certainly very exciting and favored children. Apparently in addition to the playground, there are also alternative sights no less interesting, namely nature. Travel destination places beautiful and pleasing to the eye would have the benefit of its own to relieve fatigue for parents. Even natural attractions also provide many benefits that are meaningful to the children.


Here are some of the recreational benefits to the natural attractions that can be perceived by your children, such as:

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