Do not Let Kids Jumping in Dry Leaves, Why?

Playing With Autumn Leaves

Playing With Autumn Leaves

Pile of dry leaves in the yard sometimes the target of small children at play. Normally, children will be jumped and threw the pile of leaves while playing with his friends.

But apparently, there is a dangerous thing of the habit. dried leaves that have been well-known water can keep bacteria and fungus in it.
Mushrooms are very dangerous especially for children who suffer from allergies. If the child has asthma, the problem gets worse.

Not only that, a pile of leaves can also give scrapes and cuts on a child. If the stack has been silent for a few days, there was a possibility there are insects, frogs and even snakes nested in it. Thus, should prevent children not to play with a pile of leaves.

Better, if you’re fixing a page from dried leaves, immediately store or dispose of leaf litter to a safe place. And be sure, children play in a safe place.


Best Car Games for Kids to Get Rid of Boredom

kids gameThere should be one time for you and your family to have a trip with a car. You know that it’s going to be so fun for you and the rest of the family. However, things can be really challenging if you still have some kids in your family. Long car journey may be exciting for them but you should also notice that too long journey can make your kids feel so bored.

This is totally something you need to avoid because boredom can make your kids feel sad and they will become annoying during the trip. What you need to do is to make sure that you can find the suggestions about the right activities to be done by your kids so they can get rid of the boredom during the trip. What’s the idea for you to do? Well, you can try to get the best car games for kids. Yes, the idea is to do some game which can be done in the car during the trip. You can expect to do something so easy and simple but it should also be fun.

Do you have something in mind? Well, you can try to do something like singing together. It is really easy to do but it’s so effective to make sure that your kids can stay entertained during the trip. You can also expect to do some guessing game. The idea is for you to say some things to indicate the thing you see and let your kids to guess what it is. This game can be so fun especially if you include some punishment to the one who isn’t able to make the guess. The punishment can be really simple like to sing a song by replacing all of the “a” vowel with “o” and the likes. By doing those activities, it is certain for the long car journey to be far away from boredom.


Creative Kids Taught by Game

Ajari Anak Kreatif dengan Permainan

Have you ever watched your child more interested in wrapping the toy you gave him rather than the toy itself? toy itself shows that children are more interested in the simple things that are around them.

Psychologists say that the main principle in giving the child the toy is KIVS or keep it very simple. This means you do not need to provide toys that are too complicated for children when he was just learning new things around him.
Toys that are too complex will cause over-stimulation in children and make them even away from the toy.

So, if you want to give toys to the child who is still learning new things around him, give toys that could provoke creativity of their brains are still in progress absorb new things around him. Continue reading


Is Your Child Glued to Their Smartphone? Here’s Some Tips For Getting Them Outside and Active

Kids these days! If they’re not playing video games, they’re tapping away on phones and tablets. Getting some time away from the screens will have a positive impact on long-term health and development, so here’s some tips for getting your child off the computer and outside for play time.

Turn Your Backyard Into a Fort

Give your child some real-life adventure by installing some play sets for kids. Many playsets will come with swings and slides, giving your child the full playground experience without having to go all the way down to the local park. Encourage your child to use their imagination by pretending to be the captain of their very own fort.

Rent a Bounce House For the Day

Bounce houses don’t need to only be for birthdays and special occasions. Have your child invite their friends over for a Saturday Bounce Party. It’s a great way to get the kids active and moving while having loads of fun. The hardest part might be the adults resisting the urge to jump in themselves!

Challenge Your Child to a Pickup Basketball Game

With a backyard basketball hoop, your child can live the fantasy of being an NBA or WNBA superstar. Encourage their motor skill development by playing a game of Horse or a one-on-one shooting competition. Just don’t feel bad if they outscore you!


Tips on Choosing the Right Toys For Kids

Tips Memilih Mainan Yang Tepat Bagi Anak

Toy is a friend of your baby. Toys are an important part in the growth and development of your child’s physical and psychological well. But you must also consider any good toy and appropriate for your child. Lots of toy manufacturers who put aside the quality and safety of their products for the sake of profit. For that you should be more careful when buying toys for your baby.

In addition to the standard safe for your child, here are some pointers for you to pick out toys as follows:

1. Age
Chose a toy that fits your child’s age. Manufacturer of quality toys will include information about age on the label toys. Age-appropriate toy baby will help and influence the growth and development of your baby.

2. Durability
Toys are not strong will easily damaged and sometimes can hurt your child’s hand. Choose toys that are strong but still interesting so that your baby will be happy to play it. Continue reading


Benefits Holiday Camp For Children

kids camp

To fill the holidays of children and adolescents, currently has sprung holiday camp program. The educational program participants usually have to stay a few days. What actually benefit this holiday camp program for the development of children and adolescents?

According to child psychologists say such programs can train independence and increase social skills.

Why train independence? Because children are away from their parents and will learn new things. If normally he had served the in daily activities, while holiday camp have to do alone. Continue reading


Finding Perfect Games for Kids

According to many studies and researches conducted by experts, it has been proven that playing games can ultimately stimulate kids’ brain and body. It helps kids to learn many things from physics, math, and even logical thinking in fun way. In fact, all kids love games and they would prefer to spend most of their free-time playing games, to which both kids and games are just cannot be separated anymore. As parent, it is also essential for you to be selective in choosing games for your kids to play. This is important since there are kinds of games that aren’t suitable for kids due to violence and disturbing graphic it has.

And if you are looking for some educative games for these kids to play with, you’re welcomed to visit Ludeek.com. This site here has great collections of educative yet exciting games to play. Whether you are looking for games for birthday party or for occasional play, at Ludeek.com you can find many of them to choose from. And all these things can easily be found and purchased at Ludeek.com so you can avoid unnecessary hassle and frustrations in finding the right game for the kids. Complete information and sample images are provided to give you better understanding toward these products they offered.

One of their most popular products is Treasure Hunt, a game whose main goal is to find and reach the treasure to be able to win. Chasse au trésor is so fun to play that it is also suitable for players at any age and gender. Many parents have tried it and mostly recommend it to be the perfect game for birthday or any other kind of kids’ party. To learn more about this game and various other exciting games from Ludeek, you can just simply give their official website a visit soon.


Currently Kids Soothing way in Aircraft

tips bepergian dgn si kecil naik pesawat

If you are traveling with the whole family, would you ask your child from small to large, for a small child on a plane can be stressful. Especially if your children are toddlers or still in school.

Usually various gadget of choice for your child to remain calm during the trip. Though there are other ways besides giving full games gadget to your child.
A child psychology, gives some tips take the child in air travel stress free. Continue reading


6 Signs Childhood Addictions Gadgets

ipad ank2

Children today are already familiar with the gadget. The game is in the gadget makes it can last longer when holding it. Some parents even deliberately give the gadget to the child. However, be wary if your child is addicted to gadgets.
If a child has gadgets and spent too long with the gadget, it means that he has an addiction.

Some signs of child addicted gadget:
1. Bring Gadgets to the bathroom
You know that your children become addicted when he saw he was carrying a gadget to the bathroom. Your child does not want to put it though for personal affairs. It has become a sign of the parents must act seriously in order to get rid of her gadgets.

2. Conversations one word
When parents try to talk or tell something to his son, the answer appears only one word that “ tidak` ya` or, at worst if the child replied with a growl.
If the conditions are like this, you have to worry. Currently, parents see their children just stared at the screen gadget and not look to your face when talking with you.

Continue reading


Fun Learning with Your Android Device

The Google app market is growing rapidly in the last few years, offering new options for anyone to explore and choose each time they visited the portal. There are many reasons why many developers dedicated their efforts to create applications and games for Android platform, one of them is because Android has been used by millions people worldwide and anyone can easily to create games or apps for the platform as well as to publish it via the Google Play market portal for free.

You can find so many interesting applications and games on Google Play, for any group of age, including also educative apps and games for kids and toddlers. We all know how modern kids are always craving for technology. And if you are planning to hand them an Android phone or tab, you need to be sure it has contents that suit their age and interest. It’s always a good idea to turn our Android devices into something that would educate them, and Google Play will never let you down on it.

One of the best apps from Google Play for your kids is BOTO the Pink Dolphin. Designed and created by the experienced kid educator, BOTO the Pink Dolphin will invite your kids into various adventures and puzzles to solve. Here children will be encouraged to listen and read the story, well narrated by the real experts, and funny yet educative story that will keep them fully entertained while learning many things from it.

We all know that learning can also be a fun activity for kids, and BOTO the Pink Dolphin tell us how. There are 6 amazing stages to accomplish, along with different stories and challenging puzzles to solve. And if you are interested to it, you can easily to find and download BOTO the Pink Dolphin from Google Play for free.