Tips On Baby Food

Tips Makanan Pada Bayi

Milk is important for your baby and you can give your baby breast milk for 2 years. However, giving solid foods for babies are also very important when they are 6 months old. Here are some of the best ways to introduce solid foods to your baby as follows:

  • Give at the age of 6 months. You can give solid foods to your baby when they are aged six months. After 6 months the baby will need nutrients such as iron increases, so you have to feed him with nutritious solid foods.
  • Pay attention to signs that your baby is ready for solid foods. There will be some signs that your baby is now able to digest solid food. These signs, your baby can sit without support, good head control, baby you bend forward when food is around, reaching for food, take a spoon in the mouth, your baby opened his mouth when food is offered.

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Difficult Child Eating Tips

tips anak susah makan

Difficulty eating is certainly common in children, especially children who are toddlers. If this is the case, of course you as a mother will feel panic and was also felt very sad. Worrying always show up on every parent when he saw the little hard to eat. When children are poor feeding, the nutrients in the body certainly can not be fulfilled all and this can adversely affect growth and development.

In order for children back like eating, here are some smart tips that can Mother do :

  • Patience And Keep Trying
    Mother Be patient and keep trying and painstaking when feeding a child. Try not to despair make your child want to eat the food you provide. Give your child the support that he liked his food.
  • Create Atmosphere Fun
    When your baby eat, try to always create a pleasant atmosphere for him. Create an atmosphere of eating as a fun activity and happy for him. Try to always smile even though the child difficult to eat. If you scold a child when she was hard to eat, it can make it more hated by eating activities.

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Tips to Keep Healthy Food For Children

makanan sehat untuk anak

Children, especially toddlers, will be very vulnerable to diseases caused by unhygienic food. Therefore, we as mothers, should be able to control what food goes into his mouth. Especially if our children are usually cared for by others yes, Ladies, we have to be more strict longer maintain his diet. Well, here are some tips that you can do to keep the food in order to stay healthy.

Food Control What You Will Only Stock

As parents, we have to wisely determine which foods will we stock at home for the children. You can also set when healthy meals will be served to children. Although children will prefer foods that tend to have little nutrition, we can control the food through the existing stock at home. To be sure, they will not be able to resist hunger too long. Well, in doing so, they inevitably, will eat food that is available in your home. If indeed they liked a particular snack, you can allow them occasionally to eat so they do not get bored with the menu.

They set the schedule menu

Ladies, from the food you serve at home, the children will choose whichever they prefer. Do not forget to also provide a special time for them where they could eat snacks they like, once or twice a week for example. So, there will remain a distraction for the daily menu.

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Consumption of chicken broth, bones and meat to Improve Children’s Immune System



Chicken broth, bone, and the meat is very good for improving the health of the child’s body in addition to vegetables and fruits. Broth boiled with meat plus bone contains minerals and nutrients that are very good at keeping the baby’s health. Can be consumed directly or processed as soup.

What benefits are gained from eating food supplemented with chicken broth, bone, and flesh:

1. Increase appetite
Chicken broth, meat, boiled vegetables to claw long with additional various spices can produce good results. This can increase the appetite of the child.

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