How Common Core Has Changed Education In Oklahoma

Most people are becoming more aware of common core in our education system. It is designed to be a comprehensive curriculum that helps kids learn in a more step by step way that is more uniform across the entire nation. The purpose is to attempt to reverse the trend of poor academic skills specifically poor math and reading skills. In Oklahoma, common core has changed the education system and been rather controversial as well.

Oklahoma did adopt the common core standard and is currently using it. There are some teachers and many lawmakers who did not like this new curriculum and some of the technology required to implement in, including classroom headphones. Some felt it was an overreach from the federal government and some felt that it did not meet up to previous Oklahoma criteria. Because of this, Oklahoma is dropping common core by the 2016 school year. In the mean time many parts of education has been impacted.

First of all, lawmakers are going to take elements of common core as well as other types of curriculum to make a comprehensive Oklahoma based system. This would not have happened without common core becoming a national standard. In a way, the argument can be made that common core caused this to happen. If the new system is even better than common core, students are getting something good from this entire process.

There are some who are not happy about Oklahoma having their own standard. They feel that Oklahoma is going it alone as opposed to trying to do what much of the rest of the nation is doing. The concern is college acceptance. If everyone else is learning a certain way and Oklahoma is different, could this impact Oklahoma students success at the university level? Only time will tell.

A second major change in education in Oklahoma is the loss of certain types of federal funding. Accepting common core is attached to certain types of federal funding for each state. When a state votes to reject this standard, there is money that is also rejected. This means that Oklahoma schools aren’t getting all the money they could. Because there are school districts in Oklahoma that are severely underfunded compared to the rest of the nation, some are critical of not accepting the standard and losing the money.

This is still a very controversial subject in Oklahoma because of these reasons. Will the state’s do-it-alone attitude be best for students in the long run? Will the loss of certain types of education funding be best for kids? No one knows the answers to all these questions yet. Time only will tell in states that have adopted common core versus the ones that have rejected it.