Build effective communication with your child

Having a harmonious and happy family is everyone’s dream in this world. But in today’s modern age, family bonding seems not an easy thing to do well. Communication is one of the things that underlie whether or not a family relationship. Children raised in happy families will generally form socially responsible and more confident beings. If you are still difficult to do, here are some tips for building effective communication with children:

1. Listen to your child

Let them know that you are interestedd to know about them. Ask them what happened at school. Do not switch to television, newspaper or phone when they start talking.

2. Talk to them

Stop playing with your sociall network and start talking to your kids about what their favorite cartoons, games or books are. Show yourr curiosity on whatever they tell you.

3. Give them time to respond

Children may take a few moments to process and understand whatt you say. So give them time to respond to your words.

4. Computers and the Internet have become an inescapable part of our daily lives

Children grow up watching and imitatingg what their parents do, for example by spending free time playing the internet.

As a good parent, guide them and provide knowledge on how to use the internett properly. Do not let it go.

5. Make your communication with children simpler and clearer

Do not make your child confused by showing complicated attitudes and words. They may misunderstand your words or gestures if it looks complicatedd.

6. Appreciate whatever achievement a child earns

Also, make sure you always entertain the child whenn he or she is experiencing a failure.

7. Communication should always be something that motivates children

Make them feel secure and give children the freedomm to work as they wish.

8. Say something in a more positive way

You may often use high intonation when teaching something to a child. This habit should begin to be abandoned because it makes the childd feel afraid and ultimately not confident. You can change those words with something more positive like “See, if the bag is put there can be more neat, honey.”

9. Responding to something patiently

Take time to think about what your child wants to convey and response in a gentle and caring way. Responding to something patiently is the best way to communicate with them.

10. Encourage the child to discuss

Do not discuss family issues in front of children, if they are not good enough to understand it positively. However, give them a share to participate in giving input to family problems. It makes the child feel more appreciated.

Good communication is the best way to express your affection to your child. Let him know that you love him very much. Start from now, do not delay anymore. Hopefully this article useful for you.

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