Avoid this mistake with your child while away



When the day off, of course you want to enjoy time with children and families. Either go sightseeing or just take her out. However, some parents often make the mistake that makes a family vacation is not fun. Therefore, you should avoid these mistakes, here are some mistakes to avoid:


1. Timely

As quoted from She Knows, many parents are already making vacation plans with a mature but when the holidays arrive not go according to the schedule that has been set. Not the right time will make vacation plans fall apart. In addition, if not on time also can make you get stuck in boring conditions such macet.Hal certainly makes the holidays with children less enjoyable.

Solution: in order not to be late, you should install an alarm two hours before departure. Not forgetting has been packing since the night especially when you have to prepare children who are toddlers. Avoid angry or nagging if the child is fussy before leaving so that their vacation plans as expected.


2. Bring Toys for Children

Vacation becomes fun when you have to take care of a fussy child. Children become fussy certainly no cause, either hot, not at home, or carsick. It’s a mistake you need to avoid.

Solution: before leaving should prepare three bags for children that includes everything, including clothes, toys, books, and junk. Do not forget to bring a plastic bag and motion sickness medication if your child suddenly carsick.


3. Forget Bring Tissues and Pillows

Sometimes it was so troublesome, you forgot to bring trivia such as tissue or pillow. When children eat snacks after their street will be difficult to clean because you forgot to bring tissues. Forget to bring a pillow can also make children cranky because it was too long on the road.

Solution: make the child feel comfortable by providing hand sanitizer as well as a pillow. Pillows can put him to sleep during the trip so it does not fussing for too long. Do not forget to provide a blanket in the car if the child is cold when I got home from vacation.


4. Do not Know the Way to Location

Some parents lack of preparation on the destination location. Maybe some of them have never been to these places and only know from a friend. Avoid thinking that these little things that can easily correct when it is in the journey. If you and your family would be lost to waste time and make the holiday less enjoyable.

Solution: before setting should already know the path that will be addressed. Find out from your closest friends or the internet. In addition to avoiding the risk of lost, you also get faster to the destination.

5. Do not Break Road Trip Although Far Enough

Maybe you think want to quickly reach the goal why not take a break at the rest area although the journey is quite far. When bringing children should avoid this holiday even though you’ve preparation of food and comfort in the car for the beloved baby.

Solution: long car trips can make a child feel tired then he needs a break. For that, you have a short break at the rest area. Besides that children do not easily fussy, it breaks you can use to relax the body after a long journey.

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