Association of Infant Massage For Keeping Mom and Baby Love

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In the process of growth and development of infants, not just the food and drink that must be considered, but also need to pay attention to the way you do that your baby can grow properly. One way is to do baby massage, which turned out to have many benefits.

Infant massage is a complementary treatment that utilizes infant massage therapy. The main benefits of infant massage is supportive of growth and development of infants mentally, physically and socially.

That the benefits of massage is to the growth and development of infants. For parents, baby massage is also a fun way to express love and care for her baby. In addition, it can help promote weight loss, digestion, improve blood circulation and reduce pain while teething.

While massaging the baby, you actually stimulate the central nervous system center. Baby massage should be done by the mother, because of infant massage is an expression of love where touch is the first communication between mother and baby.

Smooth touch while soothing massage will stimulate the hormone oxytocin in the mother and baby, which can lead to feelings of empathy and eliminate stress, so that is also called the love hormone. As a result, the baby’s heartbeat and breathing more regularly and the baby will be more relaxed.

You may now also be keen to give yourself a massage for your baby.

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