Are Crossbows OK For Kids?


Crossbows have long been one of the best weapons on the planet for good reason.  They are powerful, light, accurate, and silent when fired.  What most people do not realize is that they are perfectly fine for your kids.

We all have heard horror stories about kids that get hurt while playing with hunting weapons on TV and we are right to be scared.  What most people do not realize if that almost all of these incidents occur with a kid that has never been taught how to use that weapon and have not been taught that it is not a toy.  Kids that learn proper gun and weapon safety at a young age are much less likely to hurt anyone with a weapon.

This is especially true if you get them their own kids crossbow that they can learn with.  A kids crossbow is the same as any other crossbow, but these weapons are hand selected for their ease of use and safety.  Safety is always your number one concern as a parent and it is also our number one concern here.

The Benefits

Teaching your kid or teen how to hunt is typically a tradition that has been hunted down from one generation to the next.  Somewhere in everyone’s family tree you will find something that needed to hunt in order to eat and survive.  It’s a way of life for a lot of families while others are disgusted by the thought.

If you step back and take a look, teaching them how to hunt is a great way to teach many life lessons to your young hunter.  Patience is one of the hardest things to teach a kid these days but hunting is a step in the right direction.  They will need to show great patience and persistence in order to track, stalk, and kill a target.

Teaching them how to find and stalk a target is another great lesson that is hard to teach online!  You never know when you could be in a situation where being able to find food could mean the difference between life and death.  This is also a great time to teach your kids about Mother Nature and how the world around them works.

What To Look For In A Kids Crossbow

If you are going to make the move and purchase a kids crossbow, you will need to know what to look for.  Check out our list below for a brief description of when you need to pay attention to before pulling the trigger on the new purchase.


Safety is important for obvious reasons, and some crossbows are safer than others.  All crossbows are equipped with a safety mechanism to prevent negligent firing, but not all of them engage automatically.  A safety that locks the crossbow as soon as it is cocked is best when training your young hunter.


Power is important because you don’t want to go back to the store for a more powerful model when your teen is ready to really start hunting.  Make sure that you are not buying a crossbow that is not going to do much more for your than target practive.  Look for a crossbow  that has a speed rating of at least 300 feet per second.


The last thing that you will need to pay attention to is how much the crossbow weighs.  Your kid is going to need to carry the crossbow through the woods while they find a target and then hold it level to fire.  Find a crossbow that is at least lighter than 10lbs.  The lighter you can get, the longer your teen will last in the woods.

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