Allergies in Babies can be prevented



Allergy is not only influenced by family history because every baby has an allergic risk to 15 percent . Therefore, early detection and prevention measures is very important to know the symptoms .

Children born to parents who have a history of allergies , either one or both parents , high risk suffer from allergies as well .

” In high-risk infants including the necessary precautions . Prevention should be very early or late at all , ” said  Prof.Urlich Whan, field experts and Allergology Pneumonolgy from Germany .

Urlich explained the importance of primary prevention even before the baby is born . ” Pregnant women , especially if there is a history of allergies , should avoid exposure to secondhand smoke , ” he said .

Smoke cigarettes , according to Munir dr.Zakiudin , Sp.A ( K ) , allergy and immunology consultant of the Faculty of medicine / RSCM Jakarta , could damage the barrier in the placenta .

” In addition, cigarette smoke also will interfere with lung growth in the fetus so that the child would be at risk of future asthma . Substances in cigarettes are also stimulating cytokines in the body that trigger allergies , ” said Zakiudin .

Expectant mothers who have allergies are not advised to abstain from foods to prevent allergies in their babies . ” Not recommended to abstain from food during pregnancy because it can interfere with the growth of the fetus , ” said Ulrich .

After delivery , the baby should be breastfed exclusively . ” Breast milk contains protein from the mother’s own body so that will not be rejected . Additionally there are substances in breast milk that boost infant immunity , ” said Zakiudin .

He added , abstain from food allergy triggers in nursing mothers may be done if the baby is suffering from allergies . “If there is no allergy symptoms baby should not have to abstain from milk quality so good , ” he said .

In infants who can not get milk , giving the milk or milk with partially hydrolyzed protein is hydrolyzed , can prevent the risk of allergies .

” Partially hydrolyzed milk will help the body recognize the protein in milk but do not trigger allergies , ” says Ulrich .

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