More Fun Playing in Groups

Playing in Groups

Playing in Groups

Recommend and train a toddler to do group activities . More fun to play in groups of at playing alone , playing in groups can train social skills . Let us know how the coaching:

1 . Trains for children to be independent.
This activity is for children who are reluctant to tackle the main group because he felt he was not yet self -confidence and escape from your side. How to train, do not always help the child perform tasks. Children aged 3-4 years actually been able to wear shoes, grab a drink, eat, or pee themselves. When a child has been independently perform simple activities, increase the difficulty of the task, for example, by doing the work themselves cubits, or pedaling a tricycle without help . When he was adept at doing something on his own, his confidence grew. He became more readily liberated from your arms and join his friends.

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