Sleep Benefits for Kids

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Sleep is as important as nutritious food, especially for your children. Why? Because your child requires quality sleep soundly at night for their growth and development. A good night’s sleep can build brain function, support the physical growth, and is closely linked to their mood in the morning.

According to the pediatrician, during sleep, the brain still worked, and continue to record all activity during sleep. So the brains of infants and children remain active while awake or play and also while they were sleeping soundly.

When asleep, our brains do not like the lights off completely dark, even during sleep our brain is still busy saving the memory and nerves that are still active. Continue reading


Various Causes Fussy Babies and How to Overcome It

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For those of you who have recently had a baby and be a young mother, of course, is often confused with sudden infant crying or fussy. You will be guessing what happened, whether he was sick, would teething or cold.

Here will inform some of the things that can be the cause and how to resolve them as follows:

1. Fever
Your baby fever when it is the process by which the body’s defense against infection and moderate stop the spread of existing viruses. Your baby can be said of fever if temperature is over 38 ?.

How to care:
even though your baby’s body temperature has dropped should you still bathe the baby with warm water or simply with bubble bath. Put the clothes are comfortable, and make sure your baby will not become dehydrated. For infants aged less than six months, medical care should be provided if the body temperature reaches more than 40 ?. If fever persisted for two days, your baby should immediately get medical care. And for infants younger than 3 months should immediately get medical care when an unknown fever. Continue reading


Tips Overcome Hiccups In Children

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Although not a serious problem, hiccups should be treated so that the little one can enjoy a meal at noon smoothly.

In addition to adults, the little one who is still young is also susceptible to hiccups. The main causes of hiccups usually because the little one swallow food in a hurry. Or it could be because the food intake so much that the esophagus had to work hard to process. Although not a serious problem, hiccups should be treated so that the little one can enjoy a meal at noon smoothly. Here are some simple ways to repel hiccups. Listen yuk!

1. Drinking water
A glass of water will help relieve hiccups experienced by the Small. Results of research conducted at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, explained that the little one must immediately drink shortly after the hiccup at gently to soothe the throat that had seizures.

2. Breathing through the mouth
First of all, take your child to cover his nose with one hand. After that, take a deep breath in through your mouth and hold it for one minute until the hiccups disappeared. If so, exhale slowly. Hold your breath will increase the carbon dioxide and break the cycle of hiccups so little one can come back to bite without interruption. Continue reading


Currently Kids Soothing way in Aircraft

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If you are traveling with the whole family, would you ask your child from small to large, for a small child on a plane can be stressful. Especially if your children are toddlers or still in school.

Usually various gadget of choice for your child to remain calm during the trip. Though there are other ways besides giving full games gadget to your child.
A child psychology, gives some tips take the child in air travel stress free. Continue reading


How to Capture the Moment Small Growth

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Being a mother is the most beautiful grace and became a very happy moment for every woman. Every moment with your baby will be a forgotten memory.

Since the baby is born, sometimes the baby’s growth will be felt very quickly. At the age of 0 to 1 year, your baby will experience so much from the first time the child crawling, standing, and walking. Moments like this of course would be a pity to pass up. Do not want to forget the memories of your baby is not growing? Well, consider the following way.

1. Writing Journal
You can write a story about what happened to the child every day. No need to write something long. For example, you could write about how the child took its first step, or how to react when he fell. etc. Continue reading


Tips on Traveling With Kids

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You’ve planned a vacation with the family? Planning a long trip with family and children? Traveling away while carrying a child can be a hassle, especially if you do not have a personal vehicle. Moreover, if you travel by public transport while traveling season. Dense passengers may make the child feel uncomfortable.

To prevent things like that, see the tips to travel with the children as follows.

1. Plan ahead of time
Before a long trip with the family, especially if you bring children, be sure to make careful planning beforehand. Do not travel without any planning. So you can think of the worst possible advance and prepare a plan to anticipate when his day. Continue reading


How to Bathe a Baby

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At the time of bathing the baby will make sure she was eating and calm when going bathing. Hours bath baby does not need to be on time as adults. But pick a time when he was not nervous as too close to the time of eating or being hungry. Because this will only make it more difficult calm during the bath. Better to use a washcloth bath soft or soft cloth to wash. So it is safer for the skin. Then prepare also special baby shower.

For the safety of your child, it would be better if you put carpet in the bottom of the tub bathing infants. This can make the baby sit comfortably and avoid the possibility of slipping due to basic tub slippery. Do not forget to also prepare a dry soft towels, diapers and clothes instead. Put a spot close to the bath in order memudahkanmu to immediately drain the child’s body.

While bathing him, never done while doing other work yes, ma’am! Because when disambi with other activities can be very dangerous. Most importantly also, check the water temperature to be used, preferably warm, which is not too cold or hot. Check with your hand or elbow us alone, if it is convenient for us, will be safe for the child, Mom. Continue reading


Overcoming Seizures Fever In Children

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By the time a child is sick, anxious thoughts become things that will be experienced by parents. Moreover, if the child’s temperature rises and fever, especially if accompanied by fever with seizure. Febrile seizures are common in some children. Approximately 5% of children from age 6 months to 6 years of experience this, especially if the parents have a history of febrile convulsions as a child alike. Children who experience seizures would make parents panic. What to do if a child has a fever seizure?

Febrile seizures are convulsions which occurs when an infant or child has a fever that is not resulting from infection of the central nervous system. Seizures in children requires attention because seizures can occur repeatedly and dangerous. If the child is too often experience a febrile seizure, it can damage brain cells in children.

Type Seizures Fever

Based on the long and how often the seizures, seizures can be divided into:

  • Fever Seizures Simple
    namely seizures that occur on the entire body with a long time of the seizure less than 10 minutes and does not occur again within 24 hours.
  • Fever Seizures Complex
    Namely local seizures (does not occur in the whole body) which is common in the arms and legs area. Complex seizure lasts for more than 10 minutes and occurred more than one time within a period of 24 hours.

Continue reading


How to Educate Children Self

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Every parent would want their children to someday be useful and have a good future. Good future will be achieved if children are given learning manners and proper independence. Children are a gift that very extraordinary that must be maintained and cared for. The old man has become the primary caretaker for children – son. When the children have started a toddler, then that child will try to find out about the various things that are nearby.

At this time, the right time for the parents begin to teach about self-reliance and attitude – a good attitude to his son. Parents will be very happy if you see his show attitude of independence early on. Although independent, yet warm relationship shall be maintained between parents and children. There are many ways to educate children self that you can apply to make your child more independent.

Teaches a sense of independence for children by requiring the way – a special way. To teach independence, no need to tell about what it means to independent or the like. Enough with the effort – specific efforts that can make children feel able to conduct their own activities could be the right way. Let the children choose things – things that she likes is one way to instill independence. Parents just need to give a choice – a choice that may be preferred by children and let the children choose which one he wanted. This treatment will make the children are able to make their own decisions in accordance with the wishes and needs. Children in the age of the children already have a keen sense of activism and give the best results of operations for the parents. When children give or do a good deed, you as parents have to respect his efforts, although that has not worked perfectly. Children also can be left to resolve their own problems with any way they know.

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